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TCO - Succession, ALucard - Vamp City Rockers - FOTNS - International Split

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TCO - Succession, ALucard - Vamp City Rockers - FOTNS - International Split

Post  KD on Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:48 pm

We have 3 new CD's out and up for presale (although the Carry-Ons and Alucard will be shipping out this week)

TCO - Succession

This album allows the members to approach their craft with all new direction and taste. The Carry-Ons expound on the rock and punk genres with all new vigor. Radio worthy songs like “West End”, “All Along the Cell Tower”, and “Rivers of Asphalt” compliment the more intense and dynamic “Wake Me Up” and “Closing Curtains”. Even the appropriately poised re-make of the Temptation’s classic “I Wish It Would Rain” offers a healthy dose of diversity. “Succession” will be available through Stik Man Records, CDbaby.com, as well as iTunes.

Alucard - Vamp City Rockers

"Vamp City Rockers" is 10 tracks of Horror Punk madness from Nashville's own band of blood suckers, Alucard. Songs like "Vamp Rock Woman" and "Coffin Club" will have you singing along with your best Danzig voice and the pure evil remains throughout the entire album. Featuring former members of The Fakes and Vonnegut, Alucard is quickly spreading like a dark plague all across the US and Europe.

FOTNS - International Split

Speed Punk/Metal madness. Riffage and Chaos. Plus 3 other bands from the UK (Revenge of the Psychotronic Man), Denmark (The Mighty Midgets) and Sweden (Broken Aris)
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