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New band from KC wants Drummer

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New band from KC wants Drummer

Post  emptylandrecords on Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:12 pm

Hi i just moved from kansas city to murfreeboro and am looking for a drummer. i had to learn the drums to finish this demo. i have 15 new songs and am ready to start booking shows. im a very nice guy and love all music. lately ive been listening to itala-disco, d-beat/ thrash, honkytonk, folk. i am also a visual artist. i am trying to mix different genres of music to create a new sound. i have been experimenting with drum machines as of late because im desperate to start booking shows(plus i like rap). ive been to a few house shows in the area and im impressed with the musicianship. i take practice seriously and consider myself a professional musician. i run a minor out of my house, and have had success getting 2 of my bands on college radio in kansas city. punk kids in kc listen to more d-beat grind where as nahsville seems to be more okay with pop (ive only been here 2 weeks and have only seen shows in murfressboro so i know i could be wrong). my music straddles the line between the two. i like pop just as much as hardcore and death. if anyone is interested (i dont care if you play in more the one band as long as we can practice at least once a week) or would just like to help me to lean about the local scene more and tell me about their band i would be really happy. right now we are a 2 piece but i would like someone to drum. it really sux not being able to post links to songs but i guess i will just repost in 7 days? figure out how to get a hold of me and ill send you songs photos emails websites and that stuff. cant wait to meet some of you guys! ps what are some of the underground venues right now i know about The Little Hamilton Collective, Foobar Too! and Muse(which seems to be strait edge). what are the best ones to play? and are there any im leaving out? is it more about the bar scene here, (someone told me red door saloon) or more about the underground collectives? there were both in kc. plus do any of those places have art shows? im also a visual artist and am having a hard time finding that scene. everyone says eastnashville but i drove around there the other day and it just looked like a bunch of grandma houses, no sculptures in the yards or anything, was i on the wrong street?


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Re: New band from KC wants Drummer

Post  wakmaster on Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:34 pm

east nasty is a big area. the boro is the place for art. im sure youve been to trash mountain. i can play drums and id like to jam and see what happens. my name is wak. email me at gmw2u@mtsu.edu. thats probably the best place to get in touch with me.
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