Askultura SE tour: Monday, Jan 21st @ The End. $5.

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Askultura SE tour: Monday, Jan 21st @ The End. $5.  Empty Askultura SE tour: Monday, Jan 21st @ The End. $5.

Post  patchesmcfeely on Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:20 pm

Hey! There's a great band passing through Nashville!

Askultura is this insane 10-piece Rhumba/Reggae/Skarantella/Superpunk band from S. Florida. They have an insanely great sound (in my own humble opinion) and puts on a FANTASTIC live show. you can give their new album a listen on bandcamp, or look them up on facebook or the youtubes.

They're being hosted by Random Conflict, The Commonwealth of American Natives, and The Human Eject Button.
All this happening at The End! Show starts at about 9.

1 night, 4 bands, 5$.

I should of joined this forum a long time ago....

sorry, I don't want to sound like a brainless promoter... just trying to put together a good show for Askultura, they're a bunch of really cool folks. And their female singer is pretty damn smokin'.


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